Services & Policies

The Sudsy Puppy offers a full range of grooming services for your pampered pet. Service rates vary depending on breed, particularly with hybrid breeds, and size of dog. Additional factors taken into consideration include style, condition of coat, and dog’s age and temperament.

Please remember you may not feel your dog’s coat is matted. However, the groomer’s need to individually evaluate your dog’s coat’s condition and properly address any matting that may exist.

These conditions, along with the labor time, contribute to the overall price.


The Sudsy Puppy Offers The Following Services:


Full-Service Grooming

Full-service grooming includes a massaging bath with specialty shampoo. The next step is hand and blow drying their coat with a high-velocity forced air dryer. Haircuts can be breed specific or customized to the client’s desired look. Service is completed with proper nail care, including dremeling, if tolerated. Ear care includes cleaning and plucking, when needed. Anal glands are Included, upon request. We finish with a cologne spray and new bandana or bows. It’s your choice!


Baths include a massaging wash with specialty shampoo, full drying, and a minimal paw and sanitary trim. All baths include ear cleaning, nail care, including dremeling, if tolerated and anal glands, upon request. We finish with a cologne spray and new bandana or bows. It’s your choice!

Spa Treatment

 Our spa treatment includes a an upgraded shampoo, blueberry facial, a canine spa therapy with Madra M?r mud treatment, teeth brushing including breath spray, and a paw ointment to soften and protect your pet’s paw pads. Check back, frequently, to learn about our monthly spa package theme. This service can either be added to a bath or to a full-service groom.

De-Shedding Service

De-shedding techniques are designed to release a significant amount of your dog’s undercoat. The process starts with a bath and massage with a shampoo and conditioner, specifically for de-shedding coats. Following complete drying of the coat, a special shedding tool is used to release a substantial amount of the remaining loose coat.

Shedding can be decreased significantly for the first four to six weeks. The service is designed to be performed, and will produce the most effective results, if repeated every six to eight weeks. This service can either be added to a bath or to a full-service groom.

Express Service

In order to meet the needs of anxious dogs, we offer a straight through service for an additional fee of $20 above the cost of the regular grooming. The additional fee is to accommodate and compensate the groomer for the extended time a straight through service requires. Straight through service must be requested at the time of reservation, as there is a limited number offered each day.

Refresh Service

Want to get your pet brushed out and a bit of a cleaned up feel? We have just the service. In between grooms, to keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling good, utilize this service which includes a brush out, teeth brushing, breath spray, nail clipping and dremeling, if tolerated, ears cleaned, and a cologne spray of your choice. We’ll even include a fresh bandanna!

Nail Care

Nail care includes trimming nails. Dremeling is offered at a nominal additional cost.

Cancellation Policy

With limited space and availability, we rely on our valued clients to provide us enough time to rebook appointments, when you are unable to keep your reservation. We respectfully request one business days’ notice when canceling your booking. We certainly understand that there are unforeseen circumstances. However, repeated cancellations, without proper notice, will be subject to full fees due.