What is the cost of grooming?

Grooming, by breed, is not as simple as it used to be. We now have more combinations of breeds than we ever had before and we are seeing new combinations daily. Additionally, not all coats are created equal, even if from the same litter. Grooming costs, process, and expectations have needed to evolve as well.

One person could keep a coat longer, brush every day, and groom every four weeks when another person could keep the same coat short, not brush much between, and groom every eight weeks. The time it takes to properly groom both of those pets, even if the same size, could be vastly different. Additionally, the complexity of the haircut and behavior all affect the actual time it takes to properly care for your furry family member.

In order to properly maintain coats and compensate our staff properly, we have moved to a timed model. We charge for hands-on grooming, bathing, and hand-drying time-only. Our hourly rate is a reasonable way to manage the various complexities in grooming as well as our clients’ expectations. We are partnering with you and our pricing model is the best way to do that.

We can still give you an estimate of costs. It is based on the complexity of the groom, how often you are grooming, and our knowledge of coats. Your pet’s size and coat type still play a role in helping us estimate your cost.

What services are included in a grooming appointment?

We provide an all-inclusive grooming service. Grooming services include bathing, blow drying, coat brushing, de-shedding, if needed, full-body haircut, cutting and dremeling of nails, basic ear cleaning and plucking, if desired. Additionally, we do express anal glands, if requested (externally only). We do not charge extra for individual services as add-on charges. Our philosophy is to provide the care your pet needs and to charge according to the time we invest in them.

We do have additional services, not automatically included, but can be added on to increase your pet’s experience. Teeth brushing and Seasonal Spa services are available at an additional cost.

I have a new puppy. What will the first groom include?
Your puppy is going to have a lot of new experiences when they first come to a grooming salon. Even if you are bathing and brushing at home, this will be a new place, with new smells, noises, and many distractions. Therefore, we will work at your puppy’s pace to get them acclimated to the grooming process and salon.

We will begin with bathing, drying, and brushing out their coat. Following the bathing process, we will trim up their eyes, sanitary area, and paws. If your puppy has reached his/her limit of comfort with grooming, we may stop here. If so, we will set up a follow-up appointment, usually within four weeks. This will be another full-service grooming appointment with the goal of a complete groom, including the body.

If, however, your puppy seems to be tolerating the process and is not too tired or restless, and we are able to finish the full groom on his/her first appointment, we will do so. Upon pick-up, we will discuss a future recommended grooming schedule.

What is the earliest age you groom?

We recommend starting your puppy grooming as early as 12 weeks. We want brushing, bathing, and haircuts to be positive experiences for your puppy, early, so that they are able to maintain a healthy look throughout their adulthood. Starting early really gets them on the right track. As long as they have started their vaccine booster schedule.

How often should I groom my pet?
At a minimum, you should groom your every six to eight weeks. There are significant benefits to on a regular schedule, including:

  • Ability to maintain a longer coat
  • Improved skin and coat with less itching, hot spots, or irritated skin
  • Less matting makes for an easier overall experience for your pet
  • Frequent visits reduce the stress level for your pet
  • Keeps your pet cooler in the summertime
  • Reduces shedding
  • Maintains the shape of their face, feet, and ears
What if my dog is matted?

This is the most common issue we find with pets that are not routinely groomed or brushed on a very regular schedule. Some breeds are more prone and will still develop mats but regular grooming and brushing are a significant help. Matting is a serious issue for your pet. It can be unhealthy and quite uncomfortable for them.

Mats are often hidden behind ears, under their arm pits, under the tail, or beneath a “skirt” if your pet’s coat has one. Mats can trap moisture, tightly against the skin, allowing bacteria to grow or skin irritations to develop. Matting can also hide other conditions such as hot spots, dermatitis, sores, scabs, redness, cuts, or other irritations. This is uncomfortable and unhealthy for your pet.

In order to alleviate this issue, we must attempt to brush and comb out these mats before and after bathing. If the matting is not too severe, we can accomplish this without shaving them out of their fur. However, if they are too severe, it is actually more painful to continue to pull on their fur, trying to comb them out. We may have to shave them, in certain situations. We cannot, however, leave the mats in and shampoo over them, as that will exacerbate the situation.

When you arrive for your grooming appointment, you will meet directly with the groomer. The groomer will assess your pet’s condition and discuss the potential outcomes of the groom.

Do you groom cats?
We do groom cats. For your first visit, we recommend coming in during the week when it is a little quieter in the salon. If your cat does well, around other animals, you are welcome to schedule your next appointment on a
What Areas Do You Service?

We have three grooming salons in Crofton, Piney Orchard and Severna Park.  These three salons service Severna Park, Crownsville, Crofton, Odenton, Gambrills, Bowie, Edgewater and Annapolis areas.  We also off a mobile grooming option.

What if my dog or cat has behavior issues?

We get this question often. We might hear that your pet has bitten before or that they have been told they cannot come back to the salon again. We can work with you and your pet. Success, in these situations, often is dependent on multiple factors.

We rely on your commitment to success, and will partner with you, on various combinations of regimens that will include an adherence to a regular grooming schedule, possible mild sedation, and/or working or training, at home, on particular behaviors.

We will groom, bathe, and brush cats. We provide bath and brush out or a lion cut. We do not use clip combs and can therefore, not just trim a longer coat. We can, in some cases, shave out small mats, depending on location.
We will ask you regarding your cat’s previous experience grooming and their temperament. If your cat does not have the temperament for grooming, we reserve the right to discontinue services for the protection of the groomer and your cat’s anxiety level and overall health.

What vaccines, documentation, or information do you require for grooming?

For dogs and cats, we require rabies and distemper vaccines. You may bring vet documentation or provide us their contact information to verify your vaccine history. For puppies, under six months, first booster vaccines must be started. Additionally, we would like to understand your pet’s temperament and history with grooming.

What if I want an adjustment to my pet’s look?

We absolutely want you to exceed your expectations regarding your experience with The Sudsy Puppy and our highly-experienced staff. We will always ask you if you are pleased with your experience and your pet’s haircut. If, however, you find within a few days, you are not 100% satisfied, we respectfully request you let us know within 48 hours. We would like the opportunity to make any reasonable adjustments to their look.

Do you provide haircuts, without a bath?

We do not provide full haircuts without a proper bath at The Sudsy Puppy, prior to grooming. We can only achieve a clean and professional look with this procedure. If not bathed just prior to grooming, their coats could pick up additional dirt or debris, which affects the overall look of the groom. There is also the potential to damage the groomers’ equipment if used on a dirty coat.

What is your process?

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our receptionist to confirm all of your contact information and get vaccine updates. We want to be able to reach you if we have any questions and when your pet is complete.
You will then meet with the groomer. He/she will speak with you about your previous grooming history, what type of cut you normally get, and to discuss the coat, condition, and behavior expectations.

Your pet will then be bathed and groomed. Your pet will be kept in a crate during the grooming process. If your pet does not tolerate a crate, we would recommend a straight-through groom. This will need to be prearranged as this option requires a change to the groomer’s schedule. There is an additional fee for this service.

The receptionist will notify you when your pet will be completed within 30 minutes. Once complete, we request a pick-up within 30 minutes.

Other Sudsy Puppy Etiquette
  • We respectfully request one full business day to cancel appointments. We have a limited number of clients we can accommodate on any given day. The groomers depend on each and every appointment
  • New clients will be required to put a credit card, on file, to guarantee the first appointment
  • Dogs should be leashed at all times
  • Cats should be brought in a crate
  • Dogs must be walked prior to entering the spa
  • Unless prior arrangements are made, your pets should be picked up within 30 minutes of the completion of their groom


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