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Mobile Dog Grooming in Crofton, Odenton, Gambrills, Bowie, Glenn Dale and Upper Marlboro

The Sudsy Puppy Mobile Grooming Division is an excellent option for pets or owners who prefer a more individualized experience. Mobile grooming is an excellent alternative for clients that would like a faster service or for dogs that may not do quite as well in a salon environment. With mobile grooming, your dog will be the only dog we work with from start to finish.

Our professional mobile dog grooming services go above and beyond, taking the time to get to know each of our four-legged clients so we can provide them with a high-quality experience that’s as stress-free as possible. We only use professional products while adhering strictly to sanitation standards, ensuring your pup’s health and well-being are
always considered first. With your dog’s best interest at heart, in all that we do, you can trust us with your furry family member.

Our experienced groomers provide a peaceful and calm grooming environment. Typically, they work individually so it’s important the pets are on a regular schedule and without major behavioral issues. Since they will not have an additional staff member to help with these situations, we may ask for a behavioral assessment if we feel they might be better suited for a salon environment.

We provide grooming and bathing for dogs and puppies from 10 weeks up to 13 years old and up to 50 lbs. Currently, we do not provide deshedding services for heavy-coated dogs due to the time required to clean and sanitize between grooms properly.

To be considered for mobile grooming, we will need your puppy or dog to:

  • Maintain a one to six-week grooming or bathing schedule
  • Be able to tolerate full straight-through drying of their entire coat
  • Have relatively minor behavioral issues

We will provide a two-hour arrival time. We ask that you be present the first time we groom your pet.

Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

More Convenient

Mobile dog grooming is more convenient than traditional grooming because it comes to you!

Less Stressful for Dogs

When groomers come to your home, your dog doesn’t have to be transported in a car, and they can stay in their own familiar surroundings during the grooming process.

One-on-One Attention

Our mobile groomers provide one-on-one attention to your dog during the grooming process, which means that your dog will get more individualized care.

Is Mobile Grooming Right for You?

Mobile dog grooming

Your Dog's Age is Between 10 Weeks and 13 Years Old

Your Dog Weighs Less than 50 Pounds

You Don't Need Deshedding Services

You Can Maintain a One to Six-Week Grooming or Bathing Schedule

Your Dog Can Tolerate Thorough Drying of Their Entire Coat With Professional Strength Equipment

Your Dog Has Minor or No Behavioral Problems

If your dog would be more comfortable in a salon setting, please schedule an appointment at our Severna Park or Crofton location.

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