Fun and Games with Puppy Bowl XVIII

Fun and Games with Puppy Bowl XVIII

Everyone’s favorite game is back in action! PUPPY BOWL is back with more ear pulls, tail tugs, sloppy kisses, and touchdowns you won’t want to miss. Get ready to cheer on the puppy players of Team Ruff and Team Fluff as they give it their all.

PUPPY BOWL celebrates adoptable pups in all their cuteness and showcases the incredible shelters and rescues, as well as their staffers, who dedicate their lives to helping animals find their fur-ever loving homes.

This year an astounding 67 shelters and rescues from 33 states bring more than 100 incredible adoptable puppy players out to sport their TEAM RUFF and TEAM FLUFF bandanas. Watch these players give it their all to chase, fetch, guard, heel, and sprint to the end zone.

The legendary duo, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, are returning to the other ‘big game’ this year. They’ll be hosting, and also coaching at PUPPY BOWL XVIII this year. Coach Martha is set to lead Team Ruff, as Coach Snoop will be the top dog of Team Fluff. They’ll take the game to an all-new level as they hit the Gridiron.

Mark your calendars for PUPPY BOWL XVIII on Sunday, February 13 at 2 PM ET on Animal Planet and streaming on discovery+. If seeing all the action gets your pup antsy, there are a few ways to keep them busy with fun of their own.

Dress them Up:  Get your dog a pet friendly jersey of your favorite team so they can feel like one of the team.  If dressing up isn’t their thing then opt for a fun collar and leash or bandanna, so they can still rep your team with pride.

Play Ball:  Before the big game starts, get your pup outside for a quick pick up game.  Getting them tired before your friends and family show up for the celebrations is a great way to keep them calm during the excitement.  The Planet Dog Orbee football is perfect for playing catch in the yard; it’s extra tough and is the perfect size for dogs.

Treats & Toys: Pick them up a few treats or cut up some extra veggies for them to munch on.  The Busy Buddy Football Dog Toy is a great way to incorporate treats with a toy and will keep them busy for hours. Just make sure to keep an eye on your pet or set them up with a safe space. With all the food, fun, favors and open doors, they could get easily get into a little bit of trouble.

And don’t forget to tune into the Kitty Half-Time Show where lovable felines bounce around the Bay Area inspired arena. Watch them as they have a blast playing with lights, yarn, scratch posts, and of course CATNIP! All of the adorable players are from shelters around the country and are supervised by a vet on site as well as organizations like the Human Society.  And maybe this year they will learn to not tackle teammates or kiss the opposing team instead of scoring goals!  

If you plan to host your own Super Bowl party, be sure to contact us for a grooming appointment so your pets are looking their best for your guests. 



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