Thanksgiving is at the end the week so naturally, people start to think about all of the things that they are thankful for in their lives especially given the last two years.  Most of us have many things to be thankful for, especially if we have a special loved one in our lives, even if the ones that love us most have four legs and fur.  There are lots of reasons to give thanks for your dog, but here are just a few reasons to give thanks for your dog.

  1. They are always happy to see you: After a long day at work or on the road, your dog is always there ready to greet you with incomparable enthusiasm.  There is nothing like feeling appreciated at the end of the day.
  2. Dogs are easy to please: Whether it’s a new toy or just an extra scratch behind the ear, dogs are pretty easy to please.  Plus making them happy makes you happy too!
  3. They help clean your plate:  Providing you ate a healthy meal, your dog is always there to lick your plate and pre-wash your dish for you.  You get extra clean dishes and they get to feel special because they get to have a little bit of people dinner!
  4. They’re always up for anything: Whether you’re going to park, out on the lake, or just to the pet store, your dog is always ready and willing to do whatever.  This is one of the best things about dogs, they are a constant companion no matter what our day holds.
  5. They get you moving: Because they are always up for anything, they get you moving as well.  Even if it is just walking around the neighborhood or dog park, they help you get your exercise in which is healthy for you both.
  6. Dogs are great at snuggling: Curling up at night to watch your favorite show, a new movie, or even reading a good book with your dog is one of the best ways to spend the evening.  They are always there to snuggle away a bad day or make a good day better.
  7. Loyalty is unmatched: Your dog will always be there for you, people don’t say that dogs are the most loyal animals for no reason. They really will be there through the thick and thin just to be by your side.
  8. They protect you: Part of being loyal is also protecting you.  Your dog will let you know of danger ahead and also fight as hard as they can to make sure that you are safe.
  9. They make us happy: People always say that having a dog can extend your life.  I’m sure this is true because of how happy they can make you.  Letting your stress melt away as you rub your furbaby’s belly is a great way to relax. Not to mention all the love you give and receive on a daily basis.
  10. Dogs love you unconditionally: Even if you’ve snapped unnecessarily at your pup due to stress, or if you’ve gained a few pounds during the holidays and look a hot mess when you wake up, to your dog it’s all good.  They love you all the time no matter what, which is pretty special.

Our dogs are truly some of the best friends we will ever have.  They are always there to love us in good times and in bad.  From snuggling to playing and getting exercise, or laying around and hanging out, they are our always companions and that is something to be very thankful for.

If you want to thank your do for all he does for you, why not book a spa appointment for him or her so they look and feel their best.



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